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I’ve always been an adventurer. It’s the way I am. Maybe I watched too much Cosmos as a kid, or maybe I was exposed to too much savage wilderness by my hearty backpacking parents, but somewhere along the way I developed the notion that life was just to precious a thing to spend without sinking one’s teeth in and tasting it.  For me, this manifested in an endless series of adventures, which, God willing, have yet to find their completion.

I have many stories, and all too often people tell me I should write them down. “I’m working on a memoir!” I tell them. But then, it’s a book about a specific time in my life, and sometimes the very story in question just isn’t going to be a part of it.

So here on Duplicious I am placing an open ended collection of tall tales, the supplemental memoir stories of my life. I figure they should go well along side the continuing stories, as they unfold. They will be accessible from the links to the right, or by use of the category retroactive. Read. Enjoy. Beware.

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