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Man Shower, The Soiling

Makeup was done more on the professional side of things, with Ben Nye stage makeup, Kryolan yellow tooth stain,  and Rigid Collodion for scarification.
Shortly after makeup, we assembled in my apartment for the soiling. This was an elaborate process meant to mimic a thousand piss-drunk nights spent crawling through the gutters of a [...]

Man Shower -alive-

I’ve been trying to edit down the video from the Man Shower Tenderloin Expedition last weekend. As it turns out, a hidden chest cam is capable of providing hours of near crap footage. And being a novice video editor, it is taking me days to edit out the few good minutes. But since the video [...]

Man Shower (or lack there of) in the Tenderloin tonight!

I being a prospective father-to-be, had a dear friend asked me what I might like to do by way of a man-shower. That is, a final hurrah in the bowels of venial male depravity. The man-shower idea is wonderful and the offer is kingly–one last chance to tear loose with the [...]

Doing it right for the New Year

Happy New Year to all you out there on this big interwebz. Here’s hoping you did more to ring it in than watching Leave It To Beaver reruns from the couch.
I myself had a smashing one, if not just a bit quenched at the end by pouring rainwater.
The event was Cannibal Carnival, redux. The location, [...]

Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale

I am sold.

Handel Flash Mob

It appears that I owe my mother some, to my digital enculturation. Thanks Ma, for sending this along.
Happy holidays y’all.

A night at the opera

Lady J and I took in the opera Saturday night. Capping our fancy duds with motorcycle helmets we buzzed down to San Francisco’s War Memorial Opera House to see the SF’s current rendition of The Marriage of Figaro.

Motorcycle parking was a gimme, and we felt like rock stars, snatching up an immediate spot and walking [...]

Badly Done guerrilla marketing

It’s election season, which means airwaves, marquees, and mailboxes full of political propaganda. Every flier I get or soundbite I hear is offering one thing: A kinder and gentler decision. In political ads, hard choices are made for me and the process of exercising my democracy is reduced to two stacks [...]

Mor on BP

I came across this post-up a couple of days ago on an abandoned store front:

It reminded me how I think we all feel right now, being held captive on an isolated planet, while super-villains have their way with us. The only thing this picture doesn’t depict is how the survival of the super-villains is linked [...]

Steampunk, the wholesome counterculture

I went to the Hand Car Regatta recently. From the description on their website, it is:
“The Great West End & Railroad Square Handcar Regatta & Exposition of Mechanical & Artistic Wonders!
A Splendid Celebration of Art, Science and Ingenuity, for the Delight and Edification of all who attend.”
But you can’t do better than watching their Flickr [...]

Oh the Irony

Cars are now driving themselves. Stanford has an Audi that it is perfecting:

and apparently last Friday the car drove itself up Pikes peak.  The terrible irony is that the helicopter hired by Audi to film the stunt, the human piloted helicopter, crashed into the mountain.
An argument in favor of the matrix, I suppose.
Thankfully nobody died.

Road Trip Report #3, Tetons and Wild Poppies

Our next stop on the road trip was the Tetons (pictured in background), the youngest range of the Rocky Mountains.

This was an absolutely beautiful stop on our voyage. Pictured above is a riverside patch of wild poppies that we found.

Road Trip Report #2, Craters of the Moon

Our next landing was a National Monument called Craters of the Moon. Talk about terrific. (I am in this photo, sort of):

Craters is basically a huge flood plain of lava that poured out of a rift in the Earth.
From Wikipedia:
The Monument and Preserve encompass three major lava fields and about 400 square miles (1,036 km2) of [...]

Road Trip Report #1: Twin Falls (stupefying and stupid)

Juniper and I got back from a road trip a couple of weeks ago, that took me through Northern Idaho and Wyoming. The things I found were either stupefying, or stupid.
Our fist stop was Twin Falls. This is a city perched on the edge of a vast canyon carved by the Snake river. This canyon [...]

Disparate Items

I am on the road with work, being put up at a Holiday Western outside of Santa Cruz.
Two things caught my eye here.
#1: A fake tree

#2: A table magician
These things seem related in my mind somehow, here at the Best Inn. Perhaps I should watch some network television and get it all cleaned out [...]


I once used a straight razor for an entire year. I got up in the morning and took a hot shower. I stropped my blade daily (stoned it every few days). I worked up a lather in front of the mirror, and in an elegant ritual of grooming and bloodletting, sculpted my face into a [...]

Vegas for Children

I went to see a movie the other night, and killing some time, I stopped in at a huge entertainment center that was filled entirely with dozens of these crane/claw games. The place was totally impressive. You could try your “skill” at numerous prizes ranging from a stuffed animal to a game system.
It was all [...]

Yellow street lines. Fight fire with fire – street art.

I caught these two pics in China Town. According to my friend Jozeph, they are appearing all over San Francisco.They are made of the same uberindustrial material that the yellow lines on the roads are made out of, and they are there to stay.

Millennium Restaurant

Got a huge bonus yesterday that I wasn’t even vaguely expecting. (Thanks BBI! You guys Wraughk!!) So Juniper and I went to Millennium Restaurant for dinner.

I’ll just get it out of the way now. Millennium is a VEGAN gourmet restaurant. But holy cow, could anyone ever tell this blindfolded?
Not a chance.
Millennium serves one of the [...]

The Wagon

It’s a heinous thing. You ride it with do-gooders and sober people, feeling like your life is on track and things are swell. I keep my writing desk on the wagon–a little corner I have carved out, large enough for my MacBook and a mug of green tea. I sit between the AAers (a manic [...]