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An new type of car sharing

I am a member of San Francisco City Carshare, and I love it. They operate a beautiful fleet of cars that are easy to get to and easy to access with an electronic key on my key chain.  Adding to my motorcycle, the trucks and vans and minis that are available for me through carshare [...]

HI FI at Soul Haus

The other place I mentioned that I like to go when I am in Denver is the men’s clothing store, Sol Haus. The place just oozes style, and now in it’s new location in the former EZE Mop shop, it’s easy to get to and easy to park.
This time round I was pleased to find [...]

Swine Flu Hanky

Bio-hazardous phlegm got you down? My friends at Design Glut have you covered, with their Swine Flu Hanky. Purge your shnaz in style with an embroidered handkerchief that sets you apart.
Better than an “I Survived…” Tee any day.

Lightening Reaction Xtreme

I went thrifting on Polk Street last weekend, and came back with the most obnoxious game. It is called Lightening Reaction Xtreme, and it has been gleefully added to my collection of plastic toys that cause pain.

It looks like something from the film Barbarella: Curvy, modern, easily confused with a sex toy. And honestly, that’s [...]