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Man Shower, The Soiling

Makeup was done more on the professional side of things, with Ben Nye stage makeup, Kryolan yellow tooth stain,  and Rigid Collodion for scarification.

Shortly after makeup, we assembled in my apartment for the soiling. This was an elaborate process meant to mimic a thousand piss-drunk nights spent crawling through the gutters of a major metropolis. We started with duds culled from work trunks and thrift stores, and brought them to the soiling station, which in its armaments contained used motor oil, wheat germ, white and black spray paint primer, canola oil, mustard, cranberry juice, a propane torch, and Super 77 spray adhesive.

We started with the torch, burning a few miscellaneous holes here and there. I charred the brim of my hat a nice burnt brown, and melted the outside nylon of my jacket into a spidery coating that bonded to the insulation.Then we put the burnt clothes on and commenced some serious stainage.

All the stainers worked pretty well. The used motor oil left pitch black, nasty stains that worked well for the ass. The spray primers helped to tinge things light and dark. Liberal coatings of spray adhesive on the knees and crotch, followed by rolling around on the boiler room floor imbued us with a certain inalienable filth. But in the end, it was the mustard that prevailed. Not only did it leave bold yellowing stains, but it also imparted an odor to the affair that was not disgusting, but strongly off-putting in a very devious way. In the end, the mustard was our favorite.

After this process, makeup and foul soil, indeed we looked like true and marginal degenerates, people to be avoided.

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