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Man Shower -alive-

I’ve been trying to edit down the video from the Man Shower Tenderloin Expedition last weekend. As it turns out, a hidden chest cam is capable of providing hours of near crap footage. And being a novice video editor, it is taking me days to edit out the few good minutes. But since the video is still only about half way done, and looking more and more like it may be very short, I thought it would be a good thing to do to give it the old literary, for now, to keep everybody happy.

The following is a written account of one of the weirdest nights of my life.

The idea was to spend a night undercover in one of the sketchiest parts of San Francisco, the Tenderloin. The cast of characters included my best friends here in SF, who, for reasons of potential political careers (not to mention basically any future careers at all) shall remain anonymous. But if you know them, you may recognize them here, dressed up as Jack Cornfield, and Jo Jo, accordingly:


And then myself, Jimbo Jones:

Next… The Soiling

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