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Doing it right for the New Year

Happy New Year to all you out there on this big interwebz. Here’s hoping you did more to ring it in than watching Leave It To Beaver reruns from the couch.

I myself had a smashing one, if not just a bit quenched at the end by pouring rainwater.

The event was Cannibal Carnival, redux. The location, our dear happy Etherhaus.

The gist of this cannibal thing is to eat flesh off of flesh in wild celebration of (whatever you are celebrating). So… we prep’d the house by closing off the kitchen and dining room so we could prepare the table in secret. We moved the bar into the living room so that guests could be directed straight past, with only a hinting scent of what lay in store for them. Once seated in the living room we filled them full of absinthe (straight from Italy… Thanks Troy!) and suitable snacks.

Our darling Minerva cooked up the magic in the kitchen, and prepared our “platter”.

Then when it was time to eat (9-10?) we opened the doors. The guests where awed as they silently filtered in to the dining room to find a beautiful naked woman (Thank you Phoenix!) covered in ribs and mashed potatoes, root vegetables and gravy, surrounded by candles, posed perfectly on the dining room table, and ready for consumption. It was the last image of 2010 we did take with us.

The norm here, of course, is not to eat the platter, but rather to serve her. And so we did. Bites of perfect meat, finger-fulls of potatoes, snacks of perfectly roasted veggies were offered up to our delightful serving tray.

From here we were all ingratiated to the slow passing of opulent time, as the minutes ticked into the New Year. Our model had a warm shower and emerged glowing and content. Martinis flowed along side wonderful conversation. The atomic clock steadily advanced toward midnight. And then that fateful hour emerged. The countdown. The revelry. The kissing. It was joy in 2011.

And yet, with that luscious memory in our mind of the end of 2010, we were not to go far into ‘11 hedonistically challenged. No sooner had we settled into our heady post-NYE multifaceted highs, than it was announced that dessert was served. Once again we stumbled quietly into the dining room, this time to find yet another beautiful woman (Thank you Lux!) elegantly stretched out, now covered in chocolate fondue, strawberries, and pineapple. It was the first image we took into 2011, and we will be hard pressed to find one better. Yet I think we will all do our best. We have, after all, an entire year.

Happy New Year everyone.

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