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Badly Done guerrilla marketing

It’s election season, which means airwaves, marquees, and mailboxes full of political propaganda. Every flier I get or soundbite I hear is offering one thing: A kinder and gentler decision. In political ads, hard choices are made for me and the process of exercising my democracy is reduced to two stacks of crap: crap that rallies me and crap that inflames me. So there it is in my hand. A big full color brochure that tells me how simple the issue is and how easy a decision I have to make. It is ostensibly free, the only hidden cost being that of the missing truth.

I received the following email from an anonymous address yesterday (click for full size):

FYI Dean Clark is running for a low level city office here in SF. I went to the bit.ly address armed to the teeth with antivirus, and downloaded the purported PDF. Turns out it is a poorly executed marketing campaign trying to ride the coattails of bloggers.

The “strategy adjustment”, or rather the core of this promotion, was dumb. It was a single page with an original picture (shown left)

And then this image was repositioned as a modified image with text reading “Dean Clark, or the puppy gets it”.

This is probably done by some Dean Clark lackey who, certain of his or her own genius, has put together a plan to get free web exposure for the big man. We can at least hope that Clark himself isn’t so gauche.

I suppose lackey has succeeded, insofar as getting me to print the man’s name. Woohoo, Go Dean, you mean political machine. Your brilliance outshines us all.

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