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Vegas for Children

I went to see a movie the other night, and killing some time, I stopped in at a huge entertainment center that was filled entirely with dozens of these crane/claw games. The place was totally impressive. You could try your “skill” at numerous prizes ranging from a stuffed animal to a game system.

It was all rather intriguing until I actually saw a kid in the throws of desire failing desperately at wining the biggest bear, trying the blunt force attack by pouring in all her tokens.

Then it struck me for what it was. The whole place was nothing more than a giant casino for children.

These things are big, kid friendly slot machines really. Put money in in a daze of hope. Watch some mechanical jigery do something pseudo-random accompanied by lights and sounds. Almost always lose.

Now I haven’t actually formed my moral stance on all of this. Maybe teaching kids the disappointment of gambling at an early age is a good thing. Or then again, maybe there is actually nothing wrong with the occasional gambling spree, and so kids should be allowed to do it too. (?)

But regardless, let’s not pretend that this is anything other than what it is. These are slot machines¬† for children.

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